About Hotel Management software

In the current competitive environment in hospitality industries through out the world, it is very important to have a very user friendly PMS in place for all hotels, motels, resorts and clubs. The entire systems must be equally user friendly for both, the guests and as well as for hotel associates who are providing different services to the valued guests. Keeping the issue of guest satisfactions in mind, Data Grid Limited has spent a considerable amount of time and resources with proper expertise and came up with a world class PMS, the InnBoard. While the product InnBoard PMS is running in different properties over a couple of countries, the R&D team of Data Grid Limited is constantly updating the existing features of InnBoard and developing new features to it according to the expectations of the guests that are changing very fast under modern technologies. This R&D initiatives of Data Grid Limited geared towards coming up with updated versions of the product. Currently, the InnBoard PMS is revolving around the hospitality industries with the following features and modules.