Lets see some view of Innboard

Sign In Page: From this page you can log-in in our software by inputting your user & password.

Sign In Page erp software
Dashboard: After login you can see the module in left column & some shortcut reports in the front page according to your choice.


Today’s Room Status: From this status you can see the current status of rooms in different colors.
Today’s Room Status
Type Wise Room Status: You can see the type wise room status.
Type Wise Room Status

Room Calendar: By giving the date range you can see the prospective gusset in the calendar.
Room Calendar erp software

Room Reservation: From this page you can make reservation for guest.
Room Reservation

Room Registration: For guest registration you need to fill-up those information from this page.

Blank Registration Card: For quick check in, you can generate blank registration card.

Service Bill: You can post guest’s  various service bill from this page.
Service Bill
Bill Payment: If guest want to payment for your service, from this page you can collect that amount.
Bill Payment

Room Change: If Guest wants to change his room, from this page you can manage this.
Room Change
Room Check-Out: For checking out for guest, you need to go though this page.
Room Check-Out

Room Condition: You can see the house keeping status from this page.
Room Condition

Restaurant Bill: You can set all food menu in our software in this module
Restaurant Bill

KOT: After giving order submit, kitchen order token will automatically printed in the selected printer.

Invoice: After settlement a bill, a invoice will generate from the printer.